Built Environment

The Driehaus Foundation works to ensure that viable, healthy urban environments are designed to meet the needs of the humans who inhabit them. We are committed to the idea that successful historic preservation, urban planning, and new architecture must be understood and undertaken as part of a decades-long continuum that endows a given city, town, or village with a singular sense of place.

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Arts and Culture

The Driehaus Foundation believes that the arts play an essential role in the cultural life of Chicago. They provide entertainment, stimulate our imagination, challenge our perceptions, and encourage us to reflect upon our distinct traditions and our shared humanity.

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Investigative Journalism for Government Accountability

The Driehaus Foundation supports investigative journalism that fosters greater transparency, accountability and effectiveness in government institutions at the local level. We understand that for democracy to thrive, government must be held accountable by an educated public through an independent press. Investigative reporting, in particular, is crucial, because it uncovers necessary information that helps the public understand and act to improve society.

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Inquiry and Application Process

The Driehaus Foundation accepts grant applications by invitation only. That said, we welcome any initiative (organization, program, or project) that aligns well with our funding guidelines to contact us. Foundation staff make every effort to respond to inquiries in a timely manner -- regardless of whether we are familiar with the initiative or anyone involved.

It generally takes at least a few months, and sometimes longer, between when someone reaches out to us and when the Foundation invites a grant application. Learning about your initiative in incremental steps helps us ensure solid alignment and ultimately the strongest request possible.

Most grant seekers have a single point of contact for the Foundation. However, the consideration process involves the broader input and feedback of our diverse, seasoned team of program specialists.

If you are a current grantee, please contact your program officer about when to next apply.

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