Investigative Journalism for Government Accountability

The Driehaus Foundation supports investigative reporting that fosters greater transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in government institutions at the local level.

We understand that for democracy to thrive, government must be held accountable by an educated public through an independent press. Investigative reporting, in particular, is crucial, because it uncovers necessary information that helps the public understand and act to improve society. We make grants to nonprofit organizations that go beneath the surface and provide investigation and analysis on the pressing issues of our time. We support long-form investigative projects that utilize rigorous journalistic techniques such as Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR), FOIA requests, and extensive data analysis.

  • Most grantees are Chicago-based. National organizations must present projects with a clear Chicago focus. General operating grants are available only to Chicago-based organizations with a core mission to serve Chicago audiences.
  • Project grants support in-depth investigations about issues affecting the city of Chicago and its region. Proposed projects must have clear implications for government accountability.
  • Grants support the production of professional, in-depth investigative content, as opposed to journalism education. Grants are not made for programs intended for educational purposes with students in schools or universities.
  • Grants are made to professional nonprofit media organizations with the capacity for wide dissemination of findings. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

For more information, contact Nicholas Burt, Grants Manager/Program Officer, at, or call (312) 641-5772.