Who We Are

Richard H. Driehaus, a successful investment advisor, made his first public philanthropic gesture in 1983, when he established his eponymous foundation. For the next decade, the Foundation made grants totaling $6,000,000. In 1992 a family board was appointed, an executive director was hired, and giving became more formal and focused. Today the Foundation awards approximately $5,000,000 annually in grants, a portion of which is in partnership with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

The Driehaus Foundation benefits individuals and communities by supporting the preservation and enhancement of the built and natural environments through historic preservation in neighborhoods throughout Chicago, encouragement of quality architectural and landscape design, and conservation of open space. The Foundation also supports arts and culture, investigative reporting and government accountability, and organizations that provide opportunities for working poor people.

Board of Directors

  • Anne Lazar, President
  • Dorothy M. Mellin, Vice President
  • Elizabeth A. Driehaus, Treasurer
  • Christopher Mellin, Secretary
  • Bill Beck 
  • John Chandler 
  • Michael Lykoudis
  • Ernest Wong


Anne Lazar
Executive Director
Suellen Burns
Senior Program Director
Brad White
Senior Program Director
Anita Alexander
Program Officer
Urooj Shakeel
Arts Program Officer
Zachary Whittenburg
Arts Program Officer
Nicholas Burt
Program Officer
Tessa Mazor
Grants Manager
Amy Domagalski
Operations and Special Projects Manager